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These 3 Promises from 

Rob Weinstein's PoliticalMaterial.com 

BEST STUFF:  Whether you are a politician, candidate, commentator or comedian, I will write killer material that not only generates huge laughs, but also makes your points stick in people's minds, on the issues that matter most to you.

BEST PROCESS: At PoliticalMaterial.com, you pick from custom written jokes on the topics you request, until you have exactly what you want. So, if you order 20 punchliness about Trump, I may end up sending you 30 or even 40 jokes for you to choose from to get the 20 you love the most. You are billed for nothing but the material you want.

BEST GUARANTEE:  ​I know how much it hurts when a punchline is met with silence. That is why I offer this promise:  if any joke you purchase from me ever fails, I will give you a replacement joke for free. No questions asked!